Thursday, March 19, 2009


aight i seen this movie like a week ago, i meant to write up what i thought but shit came up.. well, shit always comes up but back to the film.. first things first ive never read the book nor am i into dc comic heroes, so i didnt know what to expect.. there's a lot of unexpected shit in this movie haha.. basically in a nutshell, i liked the movie but didnt love it.. it was kinda like a superhero porn, i guess thats koo if u cant get any pussy.. but to me it was a lil too much, the fighting and action(what little there was) was hella dope.. some of the heroes were hit and miss, i liked the comedian character not the shit that he did but just the fact he didnt give a fuck.. it was good to see ol boy from bad newz bears play rorschach, he was a dope character too.. it's just weak how they did him at the end tho cold piece.. another negative on this flick is that there is a naked superhero, and his dick is all up in this movie on almost every scene he's on.. it kinda makes u think if the dude that made the watchmen was an undercover butt pirate.. but seriously though dont take your kids to see this, it didnt reach my expectations but then again if i read the book first i mightve enjoyed the movie more.. so imma give a 7.75 0utta 10 to this movie because i did like it..

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