Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food for Thought

are yall bored of the same ol shit everyday?? wake up, shower, eat, work, shit , play, sleep.. well its too bad peoples because this is what life is for the majority of yall.. some people are blessed to live out their dreams, do what they want, and get what they want.. the rest just dream about it.. so where do u put yourselves in these two categories?? how can u change that?? honestly i dont have the right answer, but i do have a suggestion.. just put it in your own hands, no one can handle things for YOU but YOU.. sure, people can handle those same things for you, but they wont try or push as hard as you can.. with that said, you just set ur eyes on one goal at a time, dont multi task your goals because if you focus on one, things can get wrapped up faster and move a lot more smoothly.. its kinda like that aesop fable of "the tortoise and the hare", slow and steady wins the race, or the old saying of the slow nickel always makes more than that fast dime.. when u try to force yourself to do everything at once, it only equals stress that you really dont need.. like i said before this isnt the answer, just a suggestion.. im tryna see what yall feel about this.. holla

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