Saturday, March 21, 2009


some of the dopest video blogs are on . basically ya boy comes at everything that goes around in the world. from a positive urban point of view.. i find myself connecting with a lot of the views he has on things.. the way he edits his blogs are what keeps ur attention, one second he's talkin bout T.I., then the next he's leaning to the side talkin about the corporate hustle and the corner hustle.. these blogs are more like chicken soup for the soul, well the majority is.. he even makes lil music videos on the side too.. so if ur a thinkin person, and want to find some enlightment in this shoot em up hip hop world we live in, give illdoctrine a lil of ur time, and by the end of each blog u should be able to gain something positive..

Thursday, March 19, 2009


aight i seen this movie like a week ago, i meant to write up what i thought but shit came up.. well, shit always comes up but back to the film.. first things first ive never read the book nor am i into dc comic heroes, so i didnt know what to expect.. there's a lot of unexpected shit in this movie haha.. basically in a nutshell, i liked the movie but didnt love it.. it was kinda like a superhero porn, i guess thats koo if u cant get any pussy.. but to me it was a lil too much, the fighting and action(what little there was) was hella dope.. some of the heroes were hit and miss, i liked the comedian character not the shit that he did but just the fact he didnt give a fuck.. it was good to see ol boy from bad newz bears play rorschach, he was a dope character too.. it's just weak how they did him at the end tho cold piece.. another negative on this flick is that there is a naked superhero, and his dick is all up in this movie on almost every scene he's on.. it kinda makes u think if the dude that made the watchmen was an undercover butt pirate.. but seriously though dont take your kids to see this, it didnt reach my expectations but then again if i read the book first i mightve enjoyed the movie more.. so imma give a 7.75 0utta 10 to this movie because i did like it..

Thursday, March 5, 2009


its crazy with this chris brown/rihanna shit, the media is all over it.. they're showing old chris brown interviews speaking on domestic violence and how he's against it.. ya boy even admitted to peeing on himself.. i mean these artists like chris brown and rihanna are supposed to have these squeeky clean images, then when something goes down all the dirt gets aired out.. not only did they blast chris, they put out that rihanna's pops is a crackhead, the rumors come out that she fuckin rappers, then there's the std rumors.. 3 months ago we wouldnt even believe that any of this shit would happen.. like chris brown having two felonies, i mean i never wouldve thought that shit would happen.. but we all know this story, hollywood likes to see stars go thru shit in the eye of the public, and hollywood is most likely gonna have open arms for a chris brown comeback.. it worked for james brown, rick james, mickey rourke, courtney love, the world is still waitin on bobby brown and michael jackson tho haha..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


it was poppin on friday night.. we had performed at a venue called riley's out there on harbor island.. my leg was bad, but i wore a leg brace that night so i could front like im ok.. people didnt even notice i was injured, so i handled that.. we drank all night long like we always do, my brother ula always buying out the bar.. believe me, anybody that was there(or at any of my shows), knows that my team likes to do it real big.. so everybody's faded, we had artists like gangsta gold, fudge dog, young jaws, pedalay, and a few more opening up for us, then the cor, myself, and big june came on.. to be honest, i was so tipsy i forgot the words to a couple of my bars, but i played it off with a fill in the blank technique haha.. people was diggin it tho fa reals, imma update the page with some pictures from the show real soon..