Monday, February 23, 2009

well this is my first official blog, and its my first day on my actual cyber grind.. im tryna find ways to connect with fans and get personal.. im willing to hear everybody out, so anything works for me.. but besides that i've been working on revamping my image (working out) because i sure have let myself go in this past year.. haha imma blame it on the good eating.. but yeah for those that dont know who i am, im young sau, imma local rapper/singer out of san diego california representing the label heaterville records.. i'll have links in my signature for those who are interested in checking me out rather than me telling u guys about it.. but besides that ive got a lot of stuff to get off my mind, and this blog is gonna help me let loose.. so from here, im gonna be checking out all the bloggers on here, and get active with u guys..

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